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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

WASHINGTON STATE FOR JUDGE ROBERTS. Over at Sound Politics, Matt Rosenberg highlights the new “WA For Judge Roberts.Com” website and campaign, co-chaired by Attorney General Rob McKenna and former Senator Slade Gorton. I say again: confirm Judge Roberts.

As I indicate in one of the comments to Rosenberg’s post, I am delighted by the willingness or our excellent Attorney General and of Sen. Gorton to give Judge Roberts their important respective endorsements. (I previously blogged about AG McKenna’s comments about Judge Roberts’ confirmation.) Likewise, I have signed the petition and made my little contribution to the cause.

(North Seattle--Green Lake, WA)


  • At 8:45 PM, Anonymous Greg said…

    That's so funny - my publication did a news brief about these pro-Roberts websites going up in something like 20 states.

  • At 7:39 AM, Blogger Notta Libb said…

    Check out a funny site dedicated to the absurdity and satire nature of saying: "It's All George Bush's Fault!" (for short)

    Notta Libb


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