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Friday, August 12, 2005

NARAL NOSEDIVES, PULLS PLUG ON OWN AWFUL AD. The blatantly false and egregious ad attempting to assassinate Judge John Roberts' good character has been pulled by NARAL. The outcry was so universal, that NARAL soon found itself surrounded by legions of harsh critics and with nobody to stand with them and their false smears.

Michael Barone suggests that the blogosphere was likely a key factor in the almost immediate demise of the bogus ad:
In the days before the blogosphere, and before Republicans got organized to defend their presidents' judicial nominees, the NARAL ad might well have gone unchallenged. The mainstream media and the left would have monopolized the dialogue, and the tendency of the MSM to distort it in the left's favor is evident even today from Powerline's posting on corrections in the New York Times. But those days are gone.

Just how long gone those days are will become evident as the confirmation hearings go forward. The looney left wants a Borking. But they can only do that with a media monopoly carrying water for them. They have no such thing to lean back on anymore.

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