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Friday, August 12, 2005

MOVIE-GOING A MADDENING EXPERIENCE? Yesterday, Michael Medved opened his radio program with a monologue about what Americans find most distatestful about going to see movies today. He cited some surveys, including one in Entertainment Weekly. I don't remember the numbers, but as he listed the top responses I painfully identified with what many had to say.

One of Michael's frequent points is that the attack on traditional values that is seen in movies--or, conversely, the values embodied in many movies today--keep many people away from theaters. I think he has a point. But even movies with demented ideas about right and wrong and how people should conduct themselves will draw big numbers if there is some sort of interesting story, good humor, a decent plot, interesting dialogue--i.e. talent--somehow involved in the production. Yet that doesn't seem to happen often. Most movies suck. Period. In light of the prices, the sheer lack of quality is what helps to keep me away.

But the surveys showed that most Americans pointed to rude and disrespectful people in the audience: people answering to cell phones, eating loudly, talking or making wise-cracks during the film. Granted, when you have nothing better to do, it can be fun to do the MST3K thing and go make fun of a horrible film. But some guys like to do that ALL THE TIME. Don't do that!

Personally, I get fed up by the pre-movie commercials and by the endless parade of movie previews that audiences are subjected to. Almost never do I see a preview that I enjoy, or which otherwise inclines me to see a movie. In fact, I'm usually embarrassed for the moviemakers after watching the previews.

When all these factors combine--sticky theater floor, noisy cell-phone-answering audience, adults bringing small children to "R" rated movies, extremely annoying commercials, totally inane previews, and a bad feature film with no redeeming ANYTHING to it--there are few moments when I am any LESS happy and content.

I guess it's good I'm not a movie critic.

(North Seattle--Green Lake, WA)


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