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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

THE DEPLORABLE AND DECEPTIVE ANTI-ROBERTS ADS WILL BACKFIRE ON NARAL AND HURT THEM. A post from Powerline yesterday first brought my attention to the blatantly false and outrageous TV ad recently drummed up by NARAL, attacking Judge John Roberts. The ad is built upon falsehoods and is dirty with a capital "D." Wednesday's Opinion Journal has a column by Manuel Miranda, providing further background on the ad.

NARAL's lying about Judge Roberts and trying to pin an awful incident of fringe anti-abortion violence on him isn't winning NARAL any admirers. (In fact, Judge Roberts once wrote a memo while in DOJ recommending against a pardon for a violent anti-abortion criminal.) I don't even know where Judge Roberts would come down on constitutional issues pertaining to abortion, but in the final analysis, it is precisely the kinds of ads like NARAL's that makes the careful undecideds angry. Not to mention Judge Roberts' supporters. And for VERY GOOD reason. Dispicable, NARAL.

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