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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

PRESIDENT BUSH TO ANNOUNCE SUPREME COURT NOMINEE TONIGHT. The AP has a report. (HT: Drudge.) The President will make a televised address at 6PM Pacific.

Interestingly, the AP report cites Chief Judge Edith "Joy" Clement of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana (in the Fifth Circuit) as the likely nominee. Then, near the end, it lists several other names--one of which is Harvard Law Professor Mary Ann Glendon. I had not heard Prof. Glendon's name come up previously, but she is extremely sharp and would make an excellent Supreme Court Justice. She would certainly get my support.

In any event, the countdown to the naming of the nominee is now underway...

UPDATE - 12:28PM. I agree with Jonathan Adler's sentiments (at Bench Memos) concerning President Bush's decision to address the nation to announce his nominee:

The President's decision to announce his first Supreme Court nomination is a very wise move. One of the lesson's of past nomination battles is the importance of defining the nominee before the opposition. This is particularly important with Supreme Court nominations where less of the battle will get waged under the radar. Starting tonight, and on tomorrow morning's news programs, the video will be of the President commending his nominee...

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