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Sunday, July 31, 2005

BACK AT THE BALLPARK, BUT A BAD RESULT. Today's sunshine provided the perfect backdrop for the Seattle Mariners home game against the Cleveland Indians. But despite all the hits the Mariner offense piled up, they simply couldn't overcome the 7 runs that starting pitcher Joel Pinero gave up in his 5 innings of work. Cleveland went on to win 9-7.

The team has undergone some house cleaning, as of late. Randy Wynn and Pat Borders are both out of the picture. The team is clearly out of contention and is rebuilding for the future.

This provided my first chance to see Yuniesky Betancourt and Wiki Gonzalez take the field for the Mariners. (Again, who is left to play in Tacoma these days?) Ditto for Dave Hansen--although I found it odd for a team to have a DH hitting in the bottom third of the order, as Hansen did. Unfortunately, their efforts on offense weren't enough this time around.

A big surprise was Ichiro's 0-6 performance at the plate. I hate to bring this up--particularly when he's such an outstanding hitter. But the fact that he didn't get a base hit in any of his six at-bats is so surprising that I can't help mentioning it.

Perhaps a bigger surprise was that the good fortune I had in seeing the Mariners win all three of the games I have attended this season has now come to an end.

(North Seattle--Green Lake, WA)


  • At 8:37 AM, Blogger (Doxxiegirl) said…

    Yep, good ol' Mariners..nothing like a good game of losing to get you in the baseball spirit! ( :

  • At 9:35 AM, Blogger Nathan said…

    Heh. I was at the game too.

    At least they were in it right up to the final out of the ninth. That's an improvement over the 9-5 massacre they got at the hands of the Blue Jays when I went to see them play at Skydome in Toronto.

    They need to work on pitching, though. Badly. Scoring 7 runs a game won't do you any good if you're giving up 9.

  • At 4:42 PM, Blogger Coop said…

    Yes, if you're a starting pitcher you cannot let the opposing team score a couple runs on you in the first inning--and then begin the bleeding anew in the second inning.

    In the final analysis, giving your team a chance to win is all there is to the job of a starting pitcher. The Mariners certainly didn't get that chance on Sunday.

  • At 9:30 AM, Blogger Nathan said…

    True, although if it hadn't been for the two ground rule doubles things might've turned out differently. If the bloody things had only stayed in the park we would've gotten at least two more runs. Of course, we shouldn't have needed the two extra runs, which brings us right back to pitching.


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