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Monday, June 27, 2005

ROVE CALLS IT FOR WHAT IT IS: THE LEFT IS SOFT ON TERRORISM. Apparently, the MoveOn crowd has been demanding an apology from Karl Rove for his remarking that after 9-11 conservatives decided it time to take the war to the terrorists, while the left thought it time to submit petitions calling for restraint. Rove hasn't apologized, and he darn well shouldn't. He is exactly right and the American electorate knows this. That's why the left isn't in charge of our nation's security.

It was President Bush's committment to waging war against the terrorists--more than any other issue--that led me to vote for him in 2004. He has demonstrated his determination to protect the nation and to preside over a military that is taking the battle directly to the terrorists. (The alternative was the "global test"--which the American electorate rejected.)

In an NRO article from the other day ("Rove Was Right about MoveOn"), Byron York discusses the MoveOn leaders and the petitions they sent around just after the 9-11 attacks. York is quite familiar with those folks, having followed them around and interviewed countless individuals for his interesting book, The Vast Leftwing Conspiracy--which I strongly recommend.

Of course, York does give the following qualification:

Critics have suggested that at the very least, Rove's "liberals" charge was overbroad. That's a fair criticism. But as far as MoveOn is concerned, Rove's words were accurate and fair.

Then again, York only states that calling overbroad Rove's suggestion (that the left is comprised of softies on the war against terrorism) amounts to "a fair criticism." That criticism *might* be fair, since there are undoubtedly some folks on the left who want to see a robust war against terrorism to protect the nation. But given the big picture of how the left views the war and its causes, this "fair criticism" of Rove is still wrong.

David Limbaugh certainly thinks it wrong, as he spells out in his latest column, "Rove is Right." As Limbaugh points out, the Left is more preoccupied with attacking the administration's handling of the war than in seeing the war successfully waged.

Bloggers on the Left went to some lengths defending the supposed substance of the disgraceful Sen. Dick Durbin comments comparing our soldiers to Nazis, Gulag guards and Pol Pot. Seeing as their man Durbin is still their #2 guy in the Senate after all the al-Jazeera propaganda he provided to our nation's enemies, I'll go with the BROAD interpretation of Rove's remarks.

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  • At 3:49 PM, Blogger (Doxxiegirl) said…

    "As Limbaugh points out, the Left is more preoccupied with attacking the administration's handling of the war than in seeing the war successfully waged."

    I feel that is a very accurate statement. The liberals have never made it a secret that they feel that Bush's war on Terror was made in haste and was not thought out, or that Bush did not seek other remedies. They have never bothered to support Bush in regards to the War...and I thank my lucky stars everyday that Kerry did not become Prez, because if he had...I have no doubt in my mind that he would have let the US be run over by these terrorists because of his "pansy ass, leftist,love everyone, lets have world peace, and if the only way we will get that is by bending over and taking it up the tail pipe by other countries, then im ok with that" attitude.

    I hope that the lack of support towards our country the Left has shown will help the Republicans have victory in the 2008 election...and keep that skank Hillary from running this county into the ground.


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