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Saturday, June 25, 2005

LOONEY LEFT-A-THON: DURBIN & CONYERS. Hat tip to Jayne Doodles for the recent David Harsanyi column in the Denver Post. The columnist brings up some very good points and got me thinking...

Just WHY haven't the Republicans turned up the heat on the Democratic party for the behavior of its fringe elements? We recently witnessed Sen. Durbin's horrible comparison of our soldiers at Guantanomo Bay to Nazi's and Pol Pot, followed by his steadfast refusal to apologize, followed by his forced, pathetic semi- or non-apology. Also, next to no one has zeroed in on the laughable and embarrassing make-believe impeachment hearing conducted by a handful of House Democrats in the capitol building basement. Rep. John Conyers presided. (HT: Powerline, for Dana Milbank's piece in The Washington Post.) As to this latter story, I'm also surprised to have seen so little mention of it on the blogosphere.

These screwball antics need to be brought into the spotlight and remain there for a good while. The wacky views of Sen. Durbin have caused him seemingly little trouble from within his own ranks. Even if there is no censure vote--which would have been entirely justified--demands should have been made for Sen. Durbin to step down as Senate Minority Whip. But the Democrats have done no such thing.

Contrast this with the blogswarm over Sen. Trent Lott. Sen. Lott made some stupid remarks at Sen. Strom Thurmond's b-day party that were unbecoming of a Republican in leadership. And so countless Republicans called for Sen. Lott to step down. I certainly wanted Sen. Lott to resign his leadership post. No such thing taking place with the Senate Democrats. Could it be that too many members of Sen. Durbin's caucus share his crazy views? Sadly, I now suspect so.

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