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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

HARSH WORDS FOR H.G. WELLS. John J. Miller discusses science-fiction writer H.G. Wells in "War of the Worldviews," in today's Opinion Journal. For the most part, the article discusses Wells' political and social views--which, according to Miller, appear to be based upon even greater fictions than Wells' own literary works of science-fiction.

The anecdote at the beginning about Wells' failing grade in astronomical physics and his get-back in a subsequent writing is both amusing and creepy. (It would probably be nothing other than funny if it weren't for more recent, high-profile episodes of actual violence at schools.)

At this point, I remember little about Wells' War of the Worlds. I read that book along with two others (The Invisible Man and Time Machine) back in my sophomore english class in high school. Anyway, reading his books gave me insight into his fanciful imagination--but it wasn't until much later that I ever learned he had such flighty ideas about the non-fiction world.

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