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Monday, June 20, 2005

DURBIN SHOULD BE CENSURED. Read Hugh Hewitt's column, "Breaking the Durbin Code," in today's Daily Standard.

Here's Hewitt on the American electorate's reaction to #2 ranking Democratic Senator Durbin's inflammatory Senate floor remarks:

They are disgusted over this slander of the military, and they deserve a vote on whether Senator Durbin's argument deserves anything except complete and quick condemnation by responsible members of both parties intent on supporting the war, the military, and the country's defense.

Yes. Exactly right.

And here's Hewitt with an important point to consider:

Durbin's slander was simply a rhetorical bridge too far, but for both the man and his party there are no regrets and no apology. Not one senior Democrat has condemned Durbin's statement. Not one Democratic senator has asked for a caucus meeting.

This matter is not even close to being over. Hopefully, some Senate Republicans will have the moral courage to stand up against this kind of slander against our military. People often accuse powerful Senators of covering for each other. Here is an important chance for that accusation to be proven false.

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