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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

DURBIN DISGRACE SAGA CONTINUES. I listened to Senate Democratic Minority Whip Dick Durbin offer some sort of semi-apology for his earlier remarks, comparing our brave and honorable soldiers in Guantanamo Bay with Nazis, Gulag guards or Pol Pot's regime. But as Powerline notes, while Sen. Durbin did say he was sorry for causing hurt feelings and that his word choices were "very poor," he NEVER retracted his outrageous comparison that is the source of the controversy.

But does a forced semi-apology cut it when a leading U.S. Senator makes a Senate floor speech in which he hurls blatantly false and super-inflammatory charges at our nation's military? "Oops sorry" doesn't erase all the propaganda points he's given to terrorists who are bent on our destruction.

Hugh Hewitt has posted the transcript of an interview he conducted with a Second Lieutenant who is a Gitmo veteran. It is worth the read and causes me to once again appreciate the dedication and sacrifice of our fighting forces. They are defending our freedom--whatever else Sen. Durbin might say.

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