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Friday, May 20, 2005

CASTLE & DeGETTE DON'T GET IT ON CLONING; BUT COHEN DOES. New Atlantis editor Eric Cohen has an excellent article in the upcoming Weekly Standard, "Go Forth and Replicate." Cohen discusses recent legislation proposed by Delaware Republican Mike Castle and Colorado Democrat Diana DeGette that would authorize Congress to fund research involving the destruction of embryos left over in fertility clinics. In an act of moral courage, the President has pledge to veto such a bill, should it ever pass the House of Representatives next week. Read the article.

A key paragraph from Cohen's article gives a good assessment of things:

One does not need to believe that human embryos are human persons to have one's conscience stirred by our current predicament--where the drive to advance stem cell research has apparently made us tolerant of human cloning. One simply needs to believe that we should not bulldoze ahead with ethically hazardous research in an environment with no limits on the brave new world; and that we should try every other avenue of scientific possibility before trampling the values of many fellow citizens to make embryo destruction a national project. This is what the Castle-DeGette bill really does, under the false guise of moderation.

Cohen does, howeveroffer a troubling picture of our nation as utterly devoid of ethicial limitations upon scientific experimentation using human life:

In America, there are currently no prohibitions and no limits on human cloning...

I'm sure there are some bioethicists and rogue researchers who might hope this would be the case. But This might also be taking things a little too far, for there are some hopeful signs and some brave states that have taken a stance against human cloning. As Wesley J. Smith noted earlier this week (at his blog, Secondhand Smoke), Indiana recently joined six other states to ban human cloning. One hope more states will soon join that list.

I've said it once before and I'll say it again: it is WRONG to grow human life simply for the sake of destroying it and harvesting it as raw materials.

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