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Thursday, April 07, 2005

YORK ON THE VLWC. NRO has been featuring excerpts of Byron York's new book on the Left's emotional and professional advocacy bases, as well as a Q&A session between York and NRO's Editor.

Today's excerpt, "Going Viral," discusses MoveOn's discovery of a new purpose for existence: opposing the War on Terror. Particularly jaw-dropping is the reaction of one leftist filmmaker's activism in opposition to ANY military action in response to the 9/11 attacks. This is baffling. It can only be comprehended if one begins with an utter lack of moral clarity. Islamicist terrorists have declared war on all of America--civilians included--out of their hatred for America and its way of life. But this Pickering guy that York describes saw the aftermath as America's best chance for peace--which could only come through disregarding the terrorists deepest commitments and designs and trying to be super-duper nice to them.

But the American people had too much sense for that kind of delusional thinking. And the War on Terror continues, with exciting new developments in Afghanistan and Iraq. The peoples of those nations are finally getting their chance at self-government, with governments respecting the rule of law and human rights emerging in those countries.

What impresses me about York's new book is that he does NOT tout his book as an effort to SLAM the new leading advocacy organizations of the left. Rather, says York:

Even though the book is quite critical of their work, the one thing I tried to do throughout was to take them and their organizations seriously. I didn't write the book to trash them or call them names. I wrote it to figure out what they are doing. One of the themes I hope readers will draw from the book is that, whatever the excesses of the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy, conservatives and Republicans should take it seriously.

Since Amazon dot com was quite slow in making shipments from their warehouse, I do not yet have my copy of York's VLWC. But I should have it soon, and continue to look forward to reading it.

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