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Monday, April 11, 2005

A NEW CONSTITUTION? I LIKE THE ONE WE HAVE NOW. This past weekend Powerline had a couple posts (here and here) on a recent Yale Law School conference called "The Constitution: 2020," in which some prominent left-of-center legal eagles chimed in on the ways they'd either like to amend the constitution or de facto amend it through judicial decree.

The speakers included Cass Sunstein, Bruce Ackerman, David Boise, Walter Dellinger, John Podesta, and Kathleen Sullivan. When I was in law school I would frequently hear talk about how the Constitution needs to be updated and how we can't be stuck in the past, or other such canards. These "progressives" emphasized their dissatisfaction with the Constitution that Madison, Hamilton, Wilson, Morris and others gave us and think themselves wise enough to give us a new one. (The Powerline post contains links to the conference's web site.)

While it is not exactly fair to compare ANY contemporary legal scholars or statesmen to our Founding Fathers, I will say that the amount of trust I place in the Constitution given us by the Founders is INFINITELY greater than what I would place in the work of ANY present-day group of legal elites. The original Constitution did not serve to overcome the scourge of slavery--THAT took a Lincoln, a bloody Civil War, and constitutional amendments. But I wouldn't ever compare ANY contemporary legal scholars to Linclon, either.

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