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Thursday, April 14, 2005

MESSAGE TO SENATE REPUBLICANS: DON'T BE AFRAID OF WINNING. My favorite read of the day comes from Hugh Hewitt in Daily Standard. "Lead the Way," is the title of his column, with a subtitle that says it all. Namely: "Senate Republicans may not understand the true stakes in the coming judicial showdown."

In the article, Hewitt discusses some recent discussions he had from left-of-center leaders who would demand a Democratic filibuster if faced with the prospect of a Judge Michael McConnell, Judge Michael Luttig nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court. They'd also demand filibuters for John Roberts and Miguel Estrada.

The Senate Democrats' have been hurt by their obstructionism. Election results in 2002 and 2004 are proof positive. The Senate Dems have been hurt by their racially-motivated attaks on Estrada and their religiously-motivated attacks on Judge William Pryor. The Senate Dems, including FORMER Minority leader Tom Daschle, are apparently so far out of it on this matter that they not only continue in the same vein but now threaten to escalate things by shutting down the government.

Given this state of affairs, the Republicans will be snatching defeat from the jaws of victory if they do not wake up and realize the American people want President Bush's judicial nominees confirmed. The last two elections spell this out.

So read Hewitt's column. If the Republicans push ahead the Democrats will face a choice: concede to the majority part and the majority of the people, or engage in further obstruction and risk relegating themselves into oblivion in 2006.

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  • At 11:41 PM, Blogger Matt Cole said…

    This is interesting. I blogged a similar topic regarding their obstructionism. Ironically, as Senate D's cry that GOP leadership is trying to "abolish" the filibuster, they have 1) acted without precedent to block judicial nominees by way of filibuster, 2) negated a constitutional prerogative to either confirm or not confirm nominees, and 3) In 1995 Democrats moved to eliminate the filibuster altogether. It seems that the minority Democrats are a little backwards on this issue. But I agree, there needs to be more solide leadership on this from Republicans as well. Feel free to see my blog on this at


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