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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

HOLSTEIN SPEAKS OUT AGAINST SPITZER. For some reason, I always enjoy reading articles about New York’s controversial Attorney General, Eliot Spitzer. He is a lightning-rod lawyer, with some fierce backers and strong detractors. In a prior blog post, I pointed to a Weekly Standard article that took AG Spitzer to task. Today’s Opinion Journal contains a shorter op-ed by William J. Holstein, which questions some of AG Spitzer’s actions and raises a conflict-of-interest question on a pending investigation by the NY AG’s office.

Most interesting to me is Holstein’s accusation that Spitzer abuses his of power through public bullying and intimidation:

So the New York attorney general both charges and convicts in the court of public opinion. This pattern of overcriminalization is of deep concern to many chief executives. The proper process is for judges or juries to convict defendants only after convincing themselves that a charge has been proven "beyond a reasonable doubt." Too much publicity can be deemed prejudicial.

While the office of Attorney General is (in most places) an elected, political office, the role is so closely tied with the legal process that a state’s top lawyer should be very careful in public comments. According to Holstein, the powerful AG Spitzer is ambitiously eyeing the Governorship of NY and using the powers of his office for political gain.

This is interesting stuff, and I must admit that I look forward to AG Spitzer’s campaign for Governor (as well as the race to determine his successor) simply for further discussion of how he has conducted himself as NY’s AG and for further analysis about the proper role for AGs in politically and legally charged world of today.

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    Check out this blog:

    "Crusader of hypocrisy" - New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer


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