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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

WILL THE FEC USE CAMPAIGN FINANCE LAW TO STIFLE BLOGGERS? In recent posting I’ve discussed the possibility of the FEC trying to regulate the political speech of bloggers through McCain-Feingold. Today’s editorial at Opinion Journal discusses the subject. The editorial states that some forces out there want to see bloggers regulated.

I’ve been outspoken in my opposition to campaign finance reform and to the prospect of the FEC cracking down on the new media. However, it would be helpful if the editorial had suggested just who those folks are who want to see bloggers regulated. Senator Kerry? Senator McCain? Senator Lott? Dan Rather? George Soros? WHO?

I’m not suggesting that no one serious out there wants to see bloggers’ political speech stifled, but I would appreciate it if they NAMED NAMES so that the blogosphere could take them on.

As a footnote, be sure to check out today's post from Prof. Eugene Volokh, discussing what is apparently a draft of FEC rules for internet communications. Prof. Volokh provides some provocative comments.

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