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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

THOSE BIG MEDIA (FAKE) MEMOS. Powerline has been ALL OVER the intriguing story of the supposed GOP talking points memo about Terri Schiavo. Hindrocket has a solid article on this latest Old Media/Legacy media flop over at Daily Standard. Its cleverly entitled "Fake but Accurage Again?" He then follows it up with a stellar post at Powerline, plus an update post with a minor correction which shows the spirit and candor that the best bloggers have to offer.

It's hard to believe that ABC (and to a lesser extent, WaPo) would push a story about a document whose authenticity is so much in question. Just HOW MUCH in question? Here's Hindrocket:

So: An anonymous Democratic Senator tells us that an anonymous Republican Senator gave the document to an anonymous Democratic Congressman, who passed it on to anonymous Democratic aides, who gave it to reporters. That certainly clears up any doubts about the memo! And, oh, by the way, where did the Repuublican Senator supposedly get the memo? From a Democratic staffer? A reporter? A lobbyist? Who knows?

I'm glad ABC & WaPo have backed away from the memo (er, at least they sorta have). But would they have done so had Powerline and the rest not stayed on this story like glue? I doubt it...

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