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Friday, March 11, 2005

SCRIPPS HOWARD CARRYING WATER FOR EMBRYONIC STEM CELL LOBBY? At Secondhand Smoke, Wesley J. Smith discusses two recent article by biotech popularizer Michael Fumento. Yesterday, Smith linked (here) to a commentary by Fumento about recent tests involving ADULT stem cell treatments that have show real promise for the treatment of juvenile diabetes—and how the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International has taken zero interest in this promising research.

That is extremely interesting (and sad) in and of itself. But today Smith posts about Scripps Howard’s refusal to publish Fumento’s follow-up commentary on the matter. Says Smith:

According to Fumento, his syndicate, Scripps Howard refused to publish the article, based on it allegedly being a "diatribe." What? Fumento's tone is utterly reasonable. The facts about which he opines are indisputable. Indeed, SCIENCE DID publish the study demonstrating that adult spleen stem cells completely cured mice with late stage juv. diabetes. Despite this amazing success, the JDRF DID refuse to fund human trials. Finally, the JDRF DID fund Proposition 71, which created a right to therapeutic cloning, to the tune of about $2 million…

Did Scripps Howard take a lot of heat from the publication of Fumento’s initial commentary piece, causing them to pull the plug on publication of the second? I don’t know. But when facts become inconvenient or irritating, a good syndicate would NOT simply dismiss them them as merely being part of someone’s “diatribe.”

Adult stem cell research continues to show great promise. But the some proponents of embryonic stem cell research appear intent on ignoring the potential benefits from adult stem cell research, and preventing people from hearing the truth about possible medical breakthroughs through adult stem cell research. This is a sad state of affairs.

Coincidentally, my latest order from Amazon arrived this morning, complete with a copy of Fumento’s recent book Bioevolution. I look forward to the read…

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