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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

FUND ON ELIAN & TERRI. In "Selective Restraint"--John Fund's latest, an interesting comparison (and contrast) is made between the Terri Schiavo case and the Elian Gonzalez case.

Generally speaking, the left sided with Communist Cuba and removing a woman's food and water, respectively. The right sided with Elian's Florida family and with efforts to keep a woman from dying of starvation, respectively. In the case of Elian, the left sought to employ the strong arm of the federal government, whereas in the case of Terri the right sought the intervention of the federal government.

Whereas Scrappleface had previously made a link between the two stories, Fund goes into some depth in discussing the similarities and differences between the use of federal power in these respective cases. He notes that there are key distinctions between Elian's case and Terri's case, but that:

...clearly many of the people who approved of dramatic federal intervention to return Elian to Cuba took a completely different tack when it came to the argument over saving Terri Schiavo. Rep. Frank makes a compelling argument that Congress took an extraordinary step when it met in special session to create a procedure whereby the federal courts could decide whether Ms. Schiavo's rights were being violated. He may have a point when he accuses Republicans of "trying to command judicial activism and dictate outcomes when they don't like" rulings. But where were Mr. Frank and other liberals when the Clinton administration decided to sidestep a federal appeals court and order an armed raid against Elian Gonzalez? While Mr. Frank allowed that the use of assault rifles in the Elian raid was "excessive" and "frightening," he also defended the Justice Department's view that "of course [agents] had to use force."

By the way, Fund's article contains that picture that speaks a thousand words: Janet Reno's shocktroops prying a young boy away from relatives at gunpoint, shipping him off to a backwards, communist dictatorship.

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