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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

EVER HAVE THE FEELIN' YOU WAS BEIN' WATCHED? RISE OF THE ANTI-SETH COOPER BLOG. A new blog entitled Lemmings with Tweezers has been started by an pseudonymous blogger as a "watchdog" for my own, much-neglected blog.

The blogger is using the pseudonym "Secret Pooh"--an anagram of my own name, and posted a response to my cursory comments about Byron York's article about the rally against the President's judicial nominees. Earlier this morning I made some follow-up remarks in the comments below.

The pseudonymous blogger appears to have a sense of humor, and that is appreciated. So while that blog is an anti-Seth Cooper blog, I can't say just yet that "Secret Pooh" has risen to the level of arch-nemesis.

In fact, the last time I had an arch-nemesis was the second grade. Back then, I had a SERIOUS rival, whom I shall call Bob Horvath (rather than cause consternation or embarrassment to him by using his real name). I fought and competed against Bob every day at recess. EVERY day. I'm arrogant or biased enough to say that I emerged victorious from most of our encounters. Though he did get me pretty good when he and a friend of his teamed up to snap chinese jump-ropes in my face, I managed to throw a football with a perfect spiral right into his own eye. Ha! Bob later got a different sidekick, whom I nicknamed "Elmer." Elmer always complained about being called Elmer. But the name stuck and everyone called him that. Bob also had a tendency to pretend he was a robot out to destroy me...

To return from memory lane, I will just say that folks who are afraid to be challenged in their views often betray their own lack of self-confidence or are probably too close-minded. So I always welcome disagreement. And people who cannot sit back and occasionally laugh at themselves shouldn't be blogging.

That being said, nothing posted on Lemmings with Tweezers will affect what the core of what it is I do on this blog. I fully intend to keep on keepin' on, commenting and analyzing the news, events, stories and any and all other items of the day as I see fit.

(North Seattle--Green Lake, WA)


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