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Thursday, March 17, 2005

CONGRESSIONAL ROID RAGE. Throughout the day I'll be watching today's House Government Reform Committee's hearings on steroid use in Major League Baseball. I still think that Congress' meddling in this matter is wasteful and embarrassing. It strikes me as attention-grabbing and ovverreach, if not overkill.

Law student Sonya Jones and John Lott have a worthwile read on this matter over at NRO. As they note in their concluding paragraph:

With Congress grossly exaggerating the “public health crisis” from suicides to justify their involvement, it is hard to believe that their motives are based on little more than grabbing attention. Congress has already intervened too much with threats and ought to leave baseball alone and let them work out their own problems. Baseball has already made changes, but those changes have not been given any time to see if they work. If this is a continuing problem, the fans will speak loudly and clearly, letting a private company know exactly what the customer wants.

Well said.

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