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Sunday, March 13, 2005

CHEWBACCA ROARS AGAIN! Tonight I finally had a chance to view the trailer to Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Impressive. Of course, you can't tell too much about a film from the trailer--be it script, acting, story, etc. No signs of Jar Jar. Lots of space battles and Jedi lightsaber duels. And a brief cut of Chewbacca, which ALONE makes the movie worth seeing!

Only AOL subscribers or folks who have memberships to the Hyperspace Star Wars Fan Club (or whateva the heck it's called) are supposed to have access to the trailer. I got in through AOL. While I've long been a huge SW fan, there's no way I'd pay for that fan club dealy. Mr. George Lucas has already made boatloads of money off of me, thank you. And he will again when the movie, DVD and all the rest come out...

TheForce.Net has long been an outstanding resource for SW fans. Posted there is a frame-by-frame summary of the entire trailer. (Slight spoiler warning.) A list of the cast can be found on the official SW site (here). I'm delighted to see that there will be a younger Governor/Grand Moff Tarkin in Episode III.

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