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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

WHAT A TRIP. Following on the heels of a recent post by Matt Rosenberg at Sound Politics, I must relate my own recent experience in “progressive” Seattle.

After my evening’s dinner at the Downtown Republican Club, I proceeded to 3rd and Pike Street for the bus ride home. Other events in life caused me to dread the upcoming bus ride much less than is usual—and I completely put out of mind the ride home last week that featured a toddler screaming for Mom, with two drunken and unruly white trash guys my age folding up paper bills and flicking them at other passengers.

While waiting for my bus, I was approached by a friendly man on the street. He chatted about this and that, and nothing particularly important. But seeing as he looked quite worn and a little goofy, I remained amicable but distant. Once the bus came, I proceeded to take a seat, only to have the man from the bus stop sit down next to me.

Turns out that the guy from the bus stop just got out of jail earlier that morning. The man was serving time for his involvement in a violent physical confrontation. After his release that morning, he proceeded to Capitol Hill, where he got himself drunk. Then, he came down to the block with our bus stop so he could buy himself some crack cocaine. Of course, he gladly showed me the crack he had just purchased, and which he planned to use later that evening. (He had the rock kind—which is almost perfectly captured in the DOJ’s online picture.) Sadly, he told me his ex-girlfriend was addicted to crack, whereas he was only an alcoholic. In any case, he was still drunk from his Capitol Hill venture.

It’s really interesting to try to make small talk with a person like that. Normally, I might try to avoid him, but I figured at the time that it was better that he speak with me than go over and bother some of the younger girls who were on the bus.

And bureaucrats sometimes wonder why no one wants to ride the bus…

(Downtown Seattle, WA)


  • At 10:59 AM, Blogger Phil Aldridge said…

    In my experience on ride-alongs and such, you meet some really sad, messed-up people living in the margins of society. Many of them are totally self-destructive jerks, but there also those people that are basically decent who found themselves stuck in a life they never thought they'd wind up in. Those are the people I feel really bad for. That's, of course, not a license to buy crack and violently attack people, but I wonder how many people don't realize that they would do desperate things in desperate times.

    My dad had to deal with a teenage runaway who went to go live with a guy in his mid-20's in an abandoned apartment building. I believe she was having sex with him and his friend in exchange for lodging. She had runaway because her brother was teasing her for having an abortion. You look at this girl's life in tatters and you think "What fork in the road did she come to that led her here?". Sometimes it just breaks your heart.


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