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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

THOUGHTS CONCERNING THE WACKY LEFTWING NUTJOB OF A PROFESSOR WHO IS IN ALL SORTS OF HOT WATER. There has been much in the news and the blogosphere about one Professor Ward Churchill at the University of Colorado. He has apparently made remarks comparing VICTIMS of the 9/11 terrorist attacks to Nazis and he might also have produced fraudulent scholarship and lied about his own ancestry. The man is turning tenure in a license to practice intellectual insanity.

I've not followed this story in much detail. Frankly, I think its just fine having looney, leftwing crazies like this around. This guy should keep it up with his nonsense and further embarrass himself for the sheer stupidity of all that he says.

Of all the commentary I've come across on his situation, by far my favorite comes from Eugene Volokh, in a post from yesterday at Volokh Conspiracy:

The University of Colorado doesn't fire him, and in exchange he promises to change his last name to anything but Churchill.

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