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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

TEDDY'S TERRIBLE LAUGH-A-THON CONTINUES. Ted Kennedy’s efforts to undermine the war in Iraq continue, as David Limbaugh notes in his recent post “Ted Kennedy is Relevant.”

Teddy is relevant to Sen. Barbara Boxer and some other Democrats who seem to think that the antidote to their recent electoral losses is moving even further to the left and thwarting the American military’s valiant efforts in Iraq.

Consistent with his opposition to removing a dictatorship in Iraq, Teddy states that democratic elections in Iraq will further terrorism. Given that the United States is itself governed by a democratically-elected republican system and is also the world's greatest proponent of democractically accountable government, it would appear entirely consistent with Teddy's convoluted logic that he would oppose our military and the newly-enfrachised Iraqis from particpating in their own government.

Teddy is a relic of the old left. And he's embarrassing himself further in further in his twilight years. Hopefully, his ideas will not become fossilized in the foundations of the Democratic party. But the appear to be the rallying point for many within his ranks. Sad.

(Forbidden City, USA)


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