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Monday, February 07, 2005

SUPER BOWL COMMERCIAL BROUHAHA. Apparently, some folks were taken aback by the commercial that showed during the first quarter of Sunday's Super Bowl. Ambra Nykol, for one, didn't too much care for the commercial. The article she links to on World Net Daily discusses the ad. GoDaddy really hyped up the ad prior to its airing. GoDaddy even has some discussion of the ad and FOX's decision not to rebroadcast a second GoDaddy ad later in the game.

Ok, ok, I admit it now. I thought the ad was funny. It wasn't "funnist commercial of the year" or anything close, but it made me laugh when I saw it. Even the friend who I was watching it with was laughing. And my friend is female.

Perhaps my laughing at a juvenile commercial was due to the fact that I heard nothing about the hype and I sometimes work in and around legislators and committee hearings and the whole ad looked so cheapo and tacky. Perhaps there's simply no excuse for my laughing and I should feel ashamed of myself. Perhaps I shouldn't really care, since I don't expect to see that commercial air much more.

In any case, there's a minute-and-a-half version of the ad on the web. That wasn't nearly as good. The longer version is just too much and isn't nearly as funny.

Timothy Goddard, by the way, has a nice blog post discussing all of the commercials that evening. Very clever work.

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