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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

MORE ON SB 5594 -- SENATE DEMS' JUNK BIOLOGY BILL. Following up yesterday's post (here) discussing Wesley J. Smith's National Review Online article discussing Washington State's Senate Bill 5594--the bill is the cloning ban that ISN'T--some additional insights are worth your attention.

Timothy Goddard has answered the call and weighed in on the bill in some detail at The Flag of the World. He provides a solid assessment of SB 5594's promotion of cloning and its dishonesty through definition-switching. Readers will also find some prescient insight into the sorts of dangers that this kind of legislation could bring.

The Mulatto Advocate also opines on SB 5594, getting right to the heart of the matter. Moral bankruptcy is his assessment of the present situation in Olympia.

Serious statesmanship and diligent deliberation cannot take place when the underlying facts and issues to be contemplated are obscured and distorted. SB 5594, by its very terms, is deceiving. Why can't the bill's sponsors simply say what it is that they want? Or are they afraid to accept responsibility for trying to carry human cloning forward in Washington State?

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