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Saturday, February 26, 2005

MERGERS, MARKETS AND MARTIN. Stephen Moore and Cesar Conda support the FCC Commissioner Kevin Martin to become the new FCC Chairmain, in an article at National Review Online. Martin could likely be replacing outgoing Chairman Michael Powell.

To be honest, I heard so many criticisms about Martin that I was initially surprised by the endorsement. However, as I considered it further, virtually all of the criticisms I was privy to concerned Martin's support of the FCC regulations that requried inclumbent networks to provide unbundled network elements to new competitors. Moore and Conda go on to argue that Martin is the right man for the job.

Moore and Conda go on to insist that the Telecommunications Act be completely reworked and revised. They point to the recent MCI/Verison merger as proof positive that Congress can't expect to regulate the fast-growing and always changing telecom industry. Adam Thierer argues similiarly in a recent post at TechLiberationBlog.

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  • At 9:53 AM, Anonymous Greg said…

    I was privy to those same criticisms, and it was a big mark against him - showing he either knows little about the economic impact of that decision or he's a demogogic populist - but I don't much care anymore.


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