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Monday, February 14, 2005

JAMES NA ON SEATTLE BLOGGING. James Na’s column in today’s Seattle Times gives a take on Seattle’s blogging scene, focusing on the work of many of the diligent bloggers on Sound Politics--Stefan Sharkansky, Andrew MacDonald, and Matt Rosenberg, in particular. Be sure to read it!

Na, a Senior Fellow on Foreign Policy at the Discovery Institute (where I happen to be a staff employee), discusses the work of local think tanks, such as the Washington Policy Center, and then goes on to discuss the impact of the Pacific Northwest's own pajamahadeen:
...bloggers have joined the fray and turned Seattle into a major center for an underground conservative movement and alternative media.

Na mentions his attendance at the recent bloggers bash, graciously hosted by the MacDonalds—and which I also had the good fortune of attending.

One comment I have in response to Na's column is that the Seattle area's center-right blogging scene has more of a positive vision motivating it than one might believe from reading the column. Leaders like Dino Rossi, AG Rob McKenna and others have FINALLY provided Republicans in this state with a viable vision for positive reform and economic prosperity that is much badly needed, and which has appeal to those traditionally outside Republican ranks. Despite the current makeup of the state legislature and the questions surrounding the election for Governor, the Republican Party has real potential to make gains in this state and improve the business climate.

The blogosphere is here just in time for Washington State Republicans. As Michael Barone notes in his new "Blogosphere Politics" article, the blogosphere has helped President Bush nationally. While not necessarily helpful to the President in this region, I nonetheless foresee the blogosphere as having a positive influence on politics in this state for the future.

James Na runs the Guns and Butter Blog.

(Cross-blogged at Sound Politics.)

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