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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

FUND WITH A FUN STORY ON THE GOVERNATOR. In his column from yesterday at Opinion Journal, John Fund discusses Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s appearance at the California State Republican Party convention and his upcoming political battles on behalf of Californians.

A highlight from Fund's column follows his discussion of Democratic obstructionist plans--leading in to his discussion of the Governator's ability to generate enthusism and the public on a variety of issues:
"I have gone through my life hearing that 'you can't do that,' " the governor told me last year. "But you see over and over, the impossible can be done. And it will continue to happen." This year, his self-confidence has reached a state that columnist George Will says "approaches mysticism." In a meeting with Mr. Will last week, the governor put a curved palm up towards his face as if he were holding an invisible orb and said "If I can see it"--any goal--"I can achieve it. And I have the ability to see it." He told the GOP audience last Friday much the same thing, saying he "can see victory, and it will happen."

Fund follows the column up with an entry in today’s Political Diary ($), in which he discusses the re-election plans of Gov. Schwarzenegger and quotes the Governator as saying the following about his opponents and the three options available to them:
One is they can... jump on the train. Number two, they can go and stand behind and just wave and be left behind. Or number three, they can get in front of the train -- and you know what happens then.

California Republicans are energized, and I don’t blame them. They have an enterprising and popular executive who will work to improve the Golden State’s economic climate.

I only wish the Evergreen State had a leader with similar priorities in the Governor’s mansion…

(Downtown Seattle, WA)


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