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Thursday, February 10, 2005

CANTWELL IN THE CROSSHAIRS. Both today’s and last Thrusday’s WSJ Political Diary ($) contain entries discussing the 2006 Senate race in Washington State. The common sense prediction is that it will be a tight contest. Bad news for Senator Maria Cantwell.

Last week, John Fund discussed the possibility of a high-tech rematch between former Congressman Rick White and incumbent Sen. Cantwell. Fund cites a recent report in National Journal’s Technology Daily stating that White is stepping down as president of Silicon Vallye’s TechNet and will be returning to Washington State. Fund It was White who unseated Cantwell in a Congressional race in 1994.

Fund goes on to note the following:

Should Mr. White run next year, he will benefit from a Republican Party that is more united than it's been in decades, in part due to solidarity over what party activists see as the unfair recount that snatched victory away from Dino Rossi, last year's GOP candidate for governor.

Quite so. Republicans are more united than ever here, and White will not be troubled by the problem that beset him in his 1998 Congressional race; namely, a challenge from a far-right, radical third-party candidate who had virtually ZERO appeal to most Washington State voters.

In today’s Political Diary, Brendan Miniter writes that Sen. Cantwell will likely face THE toughest Senate race for incumbent Democrats from red states or states that barely went for Sen. Kerry last November. Says Miniter:

She'll be the first Democrat to face the voters after last year's bitter Washington State governor's race. The Democrats won the governorship, but only amid wide speculation of recount fraud. Look for her to find a way to reach across the aisle in hopes of diminishing Republican anger.

We’re still waiting for Sen Cantwell to reach across the aisle. Last week she followed lock-step with Teddy Kennedy in the Senate Democrats' failed attempt to block the confirmation of Judge Alberto Gonzales as Attorney General. (A half-dozen Democrats supported Judge Gonzales.) Will she take a tough stance against voter fraud? Or will she make laughably hyperbolic statements with Baghdad Bob believability about the supposed model elections we just held? Will she come through and support the President on Social Security reform? Or will she deprive me and plenty of other under-30 voters the ability to choose how to invest some of our own hard-earned money for retirement, and let Big Government Bureaucracy decide how to run our lives?

As it now stands, Rick White has a great shot. We will be watching.

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