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Thursday, February 24, 2005

BASEBALL & ROIDS. Jose Canseco has been busily plugging his “tell-all” book about steroids in baseball. It wouldn’t surprise me if many successful power hitters in baseball have used steroids. However, I do take exception to Canseco’s book and his profiteering and attention-grabbing for tattle-tales.

I would like nothing better than to see an investigation, though at this point I’m not sure just why THE UNITED STATES CONGRESS would want to conduct hearings. (See an AP report here about how Democratic Sen. Harry Reid and colleague Rep. Henry Waxman are pushing for such hearings.) Cheating is wrong no matter what, and some sort of investigation sounds good to me.

Canseco, however, is a miserly figure. Once upon a time, he was on top of the world. A baseball stud. But then things went downhill. He kept on getting into trouble and having domestic violence issues. Pathetic. He then had his miserable pitching performance that messed up his arm. Embarrassing. Then came his attempt to catch a fly ball in the outfield that resulted in the ball bouncing off of his head and over the fence for a homer. REALLY embarrassing. Now comes his tabloid-y book. Rock bottom.

Rafael Palmerio has some unkind words for Canseco and might sue him. I like his quote in the following AP report:

This game was great to him. He was the only one at fault for destroying himself. He should be thankful that he had an opportunity to play.

Then there’s the recent Seattle P-I story by John Hickey about Bret Boone and Canseco’s allegations that Booney told Canseco that he used roids—when Canseco was standing at second base in a spring training game. The Seattle Mariners’ second baseman has denied Canseco’s claims, and the report includes an interesting bit:

"That conversation never took place,'' Boone said, an assertion backed up by spring training records from that year that showed Canseco with no doubles against Seattle and never getting to second base in any manner with Boone in the game. "I don't know the person. We've never had a conversation more than, `Hey, Jose, how's it going?'”

Roids should have no place in our national pastime. Neither should shallow, shady characters like Canseco. I'd like to see MLB get to the bottom of who has used steroids, but I would prefer it be done in such a way that Canseco can no longer grab headlines for himself.

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