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Friday, January 28, 2005

WHICH WAY WILL THEY GO? This will be my last post mentioning Teddy Kennedy...until he does something stupid, ridiculous and outrages again. I simply wish to call readers' attention to an editorial from today available at OpinionJournal, the title for which is worth quoting in full: "Harry Reid's Choice: Will the new Minority Leader follow Ted Kennedy off a cliff?" Perhaps BRIDGE would have made for a better metaphor.

It will be interesting to see if Sen. Reid will ultimately take the same course as former Senator Tom Daschle. Perhaps Sen. Reid really things obstructionism and frequent recourse to Teddy's leftwing playbook makes for a winning strategy that will ultimately be good for America.

Oh, and here's a good paragraph mentioning Teddy's awful speech from the other day:
"Iraq is George Bush's Vietnam," he added, elaborating in another speech yesterday that "the war in Iraq has become a war on the American occupation." This, on the eve of an election in which millions of Iraqis will risk their lives to create a new self-governing country... He also called for a precipitous American pullout that coincides with the wishes of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, among others who are assassinating Iraqi democrats.

I am glad to see that the folks at the Journal understand that Teddy's comments HURT the efforts of our soldiers in Iraq and HURTS the Iraqis' best hopes for freedom.

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