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Monday, January 03, 2005

TWO SHOTS OF HAPPY, ONE SHOT OF SAD. Today’s Seattle Times’ Sports’ section features a center spread on the Seattle Seahawks and their 28-26 victory over the Atlanta Falcons yesterday. (I watched the game from the Pacific Place Gordon Biersch.) The game was exciting up until the final second—and even after the last second, for that matter. It’s been a rough year for the Seahawks, full of ups and downs, but it is extremely satisfying to see them come away with their very first NFC West Division Title, sporting a winning record. Plus, they now have a chance to vindicate themselves on Saturday when they host the St. Louis Rams.

It would be nice to say that there were no sore spots in Sunday’s victory, but respective columns by Les Carpenter and Steve Kelly suggest otherwise. Carpenter zeroes in on Coach Mike Holmgren’s questionable decision to give the battered Matt Hasselbeck the ball for the lunge into the end zone from one yard out, for the offense’s final play of the season—leaving Shawn Alexander one yard short of tying Curtis Martin for the NFL’s rushing title.

I can’t say enough good things about Alexander. He has been the backbone of the offense this entire season, and I think his frustration with Holmgren is entirely reasonable. Carpenter’s analysis of the whole situation is right on point. Nonetheless, I remain confident that, being the consummate professionals, Alexander, Holmgren & co. will be able to get past this and focus on task ahead.

Kelly has some tough words for Koren Robinson, who apparently broke some sort of team rule and did not play any part in Sunday’s game. From all I can tell, Kelly's comments are entirely deserved, as many of Robinson's fellow teammates have voiced their sense of disappointment as well. (Carpenter has a few words along these lines, as well.) It was sad to see Robinson miss out on what could prove the most satisfying moment of the season for the team.

All the bad points aside, I was very satisfied in seeing the Seahawks make the playoffs and take home field advantage by their own right—rather than having to count on a Rams’ loss. I’m going to have to rush out to the stores and get an NFC Division Champs hat or t-shirt and get ready with my chips, pizza and beer for next Saturday!

(North Seattle--Green Lake, WA)


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