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Saturday, January 29, 2005

THANKS A MILLION. My car was broken into at a parking garage in downtown Seattle, sometime during work yesterday. Well, the car burglar didn't take anything. Not that there was much to take. He did pass up cds of Yaz, AC/DC and Audioslave, however. Hmm. In any event, with my car break-in from spring of '03, I now have NO DOORS with functioning locks. I have to leave it all unlocked now. Swell. Thanks, car burglars. You're lucky I didn't see you there--it would've been lights out.

(North Seattle--Green Lake, WA)


  • At 5:53 PM, Blogger James J. Na said…

    Well, heck, Seth. Car thieves took a whole car from me once (from our secured garage).

    It was found 7 weeks later in International District (but by then I settled with insurance and bought another car).

    What do you expect when:

    1. We live in a major port city.
    2. We live in a border city.
    3. We live near Russia/Siberia.
    4. There is no police investigation for auto thefts.
    5. There is no prosecution for auto thefts.

    Should I go on?


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