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Thursday, January 06, 2005

SUPPORTING JUDGE GONZALES. On Tuesday I faxed letters of support for the confirmation of Judge Alberto Gonzales to be our next US Attorney General. Letters went to Senators Arlen Specter (whom I supported in his bid to become Judiciary Committee Chair) and Patrick Leahy, respectively.

Some leftwing ideologues are (metaphorically speaking) guilty of torturing the truth about Judge Gonzales’ performance as White House Counsel. Apparently seething from the November election, some folks out on the fringe are making wild accusations about Judge Gonzales—even insisting that he has been a strong supporter of torture.

Byron York, whom I’m pleased to say is now back on National Review Online, has an important article entitled "Going After Gonzales," discussing Judge Gonzales and where things stood concerning the confirmation hearings as of Thursday morning. As York states, “While the memos at the heart of the controversy will be cited repeatedly, what is less likely is that senators will examine the careful reasoning on which the memos were based — and the role of the Senate itself in providing guidance for the administration officials who examined the torture issue.”

York goes on to quote a lawyer who was involved in the administration's careful study of the legal definition of torture and the parameters of permissible conduct that American forces can engage in. The far left cries foul, all the while forgetting that this is the kind of stuff that lawyers are actually supposed to do—analyze statutes and declarations, read over precedents, study the principles and premises involved and apply them to new, contemporary situations.

Be sure to check out Shannen Coffin’s NRO piece (which contains some good links to other articls on the subject, as well. Likewise, David Limbaugh had a column on Judge Gonzales from late last month that is worth the read, entitled "Tortured Allegations."

Judge Gonzales will make an EXCELLENT attorney general and he continues to have my strong support.

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