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Monday, January 10, 2005

SOUND POLITICS HITS NATIONAL SCENE. The MUST-READ story of the morning is "Don't Count Rossi Out" from "John Fund on the Trail" at Opinion Journal.

I type this just a few blocks from the Washington State capitol building, here in Olympia. Tomorrow there will be a massive rally, where voters from across the state will demand a re-vote. Delivery of signatures from will be presented. I signed the petition last week.

Sound Politics and the brilliant work of Stefan Sharkansky are spotlighted in Fund's article. As always, Fund does an excellent job of summarizing the situation in the Evergreen State. This morning Fund appeared on Kirby Wilbur's radio program, discussing the whole situation. As Fund notes, the New Media has been leading the charge in bringing light to all of the problems with this state's recent election.

Once again we are all bearing witness to a media reformation, as Hugh Hewitt describes in Blog, his recent book. I received my copy on Friday and cracked it open yesterday. I'm already two chapters into it and LOVING IT! Get it!

Now, I'm about to depart from Starbucks and attend the swearing-in ceremony for Justices Sanders and Madsen, and Justice-elect Jim Johnson...

(Olympia, WA)


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