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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

SHAUN IS SORRY... But I don't think that I am. Today's Seattle Times story by Greg Bishop discusses Seattle Seahawk running back Shaun Alexander's apology at a news conference yesterday, over his comments about being "stabbed in the back" when he was denied a chance at tying Curtis Martin for the NFL rushing record.

As I have long maintained, Alexander is a solid guy, and I'm not surprised by his public apology on this one. Nonetheless, I still think that his reaction wasn't unreasonable and that Coach Hulmgren should have given him the ball for a shot at the goal line, rather than sending in a bruised and battered starting quarterback for the sneak.

Above all else, I am gladened by what appears to be a sincere attempt to move on from this and to keep the focus exclusively where it belongs: on Saturday's big faceoff with the St. Louis Rams at Qwest Field in Seattle!

(Downtown Seattle, WA)


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