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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

"NELLIE" !!! PLU's student newspaper, The Mast appears to be on hiatus until February (with the end of the Fall Semester and J-Term), but the last issue from December has a neat little article by Jenni Jensen discussing John Nelson—aka “Nellie”—and a recent documentary that was made about it. Nellie has a wonderful story, and the article is accompanied by a great picture of him with Frosty Westering.

Nellie was certainly one of the most colorful personalities associated with the Lutes’ football team—and at PLU more generally. He has a real fiery personality, a great sense of humor, and maintains an inspiring perspective on things. I once had the opportunity to hear him speak directly about his life’s story. Nellie’s story is profound and also quite touching.

The article has me interested in the documentary, which I haven’t yet seen but am going to purchase. According to the Mast article, Nellie: A Life Worth Living, can be purchased online or at The movie website itself is very cool, featuring a trailer and a positive review by Dr. Nigel M. de S. Cameron of the Center for Bioethics and Culture.

Speaking of Frosty, PLU’s recently-retired football coach, he has published an awesome book called Make the Big Time Where You Are. And, as I noted in a prior post (here), Frosty has a follow-up in the works! Paul Silvi of King 5 still has Frosty on his TV segments, from time to time. It certainly occurred to me--back when I was attending PLU and playing football--that Frosty himself was deserving of a documentary. He ran an unbelievable program, of which Nellie was an important part. It’s wonderful to see Nellie in the spotlight, and the documentary is worth checking out.

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