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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

MORE MUST READING ON RATHERGATE AND THE WHITEWASH REPORT. In "It's Worse Than You Thought ">"It's Worse that You Thought," Jonathan V. Last of Weekly Standard digs deeper into the recent Rathergate Report. Also be sure to keep your eye on Likewise, Prestopundit has much to say on this (and much praise for Sound Politics and the diligent work of Stefan Sharkansky).

Last's latest makes it all the more unfathomable as to how this Report can fail to acknowledge that these fake documents are really FAKE! If the Commission can't face up to the facts and call things for what they are, then it was pointless to call for it in the first place? But the top-tier bloggers aren't going to sit still for this and I expect the swarming over Rathergate and the Whitewash Report to continue. Perhaps we will get a Congressional investigation out of this.

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