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Monday, January 24, 2005

LOCAL HERO ON THE APPRENTICE! Alex Thomason, a candidate on NBC’s The Apprentice—and a deputy assistant prosecutor in King County—is spotlighted in “The Insider” column in today’s Seattle P-I.

Alex was a good friend and classmate at Seattle University School of Law. When I took up the task of revitalizing the school’s Federalist Society chapter, Alex was right there and proved to be a real leader. I was instantly stuck by his sharp, intellectual acumen. He is also unflappable and the sort who will stand up where few others dare. There are few people these days who possess the practical skills to get things done and only a small number of folks who have any knowledgeable or philosophical depth to their thinking. Alex, however, is one of those extraordinary individuals who possess both. The man has it together and it makes perfect sense that he would be selected as a candidate for The Apprentice.

Be sure to check out Alex’s website, which is plugged in the P-I article. It’s a dynamite web site—excellently designed. The following quote from Alex may be my favorite part of the site:

Winning doesn't necessary mean finishing first place in this interview. I believe that how you wage war is just as important as whether you win the war. I was made to take tough risks. After all, as my great and loyal friend Billy Cooper said to me before he left for Iraq (US Army, 1st Cavalry Division in Baghdad), "Arod, you got one shot at and love—fortune favors the bold. Be bold."

The Apprentice airs on Thursday nights at 8:30pm. (Go here for more details.) Be sure to root Alex on!!!

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