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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

THE LAST WORD: WHITEWASH. Must reading is Jonathan V. Last's article "Whitewash," in the Weekly Standard. He takes the Commission Report to task for its inability to call things as they really are. Says Last:

Surely the blue-ribbon report had the responsibility not merely to critique CBS standards and practices, but to help us find out the truth about the incident at hand. To return to the New York Times analogy, it would be like judging the Jayson Blair case without knowing what he had and hadn't made up. By assiduously avoiding conclusions of any kind, the report has left only one possible conclusion: The Thornburgh-Boccardi panel believes that the way in which CBS went about its business may have been improper, but that the story they produced wasn't necessarily wrong. If anything, this represents a step backward in the official reckoning of the case.

Last has it EXACTLY right. Folks look at these Reports as authoritative, though not legally binding. Thornburg and Baccardi are not dim bulbs and so they MUST have know--or at least SHOULD have known--that Americans (including CBS folks and other legacy media types) will see an unwillingness to pronounce the fraudulent documents as frauds as a VINDICATION. The Report may not have been intended to say that, but that is the basic effect of the Commission's apparent unwillingness to call things for what they really are.

A recent post at Evangelical Outpost takes on the shortcomings of the Rathergate Report and the blogosphere's reaction to the whole thinig. Also worth reading is Powerline's take on the situation.

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  • At 2:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The only other words to describe it would be cover-up.
    Rod Stanton


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