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Thursday, January 27, 2005

JUDGE GONZALES: ONE STEP CLOSER TO CONFIRATION. To little or no media fanfare, Judge Alberto Gonzales' nomination as U.S. Attorney General was passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee on a strict party-line vote, 10-8. Powerline has a brief post from yesterday on the matter. I think Hindrocket sums up the sad state of affairs with the Senate Democrats concerning Judge Gonzales nomination:

What this shows, I think, is that the Dems' apparent "crazies" like Ted Kennedy and Barbara Boxer are, in fact, speaking for their party. I suspect that we'll see more and more instances of the Senate Democrats coalescing around the extreme positions taken by their least respectable members.

Others have pointed out the irony of Sen. Kennedy's embarrassingly laughable attempts to link Judge Gonzales to water torture, given the Senator's own, less-than-savory history concerning water and drowning. Teddy really doesn't have the moral authority to speak about such things.

The next step: full Senate for final confirmation on Judge Gonzales nomination. At this point I don't even know how soon the vote will take place. Condoleeza Rice, I am delighted to say, has just been confirmed by the full Senate and that inclines me to think the vote on Judge Gonzales will be soon. But the news stories have been very sparse--save for all of the angry Old Media/Legacy Media editorials opposing his nomination based on very tortured reasoning...

Speaking of which, after this whole ordeal is over and Judge Gonzales is nominated and becomes and EXCELLENT attorney general, I think everyone is going to be tired of the words "torture," "tortured," and "torturing."

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