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Friday, January 07, 2005

INTERESTING COINCIDENCE... Earlier this week I came across an article in The Herald, about the defeat of Judge David Hulbert, who had sought re-election for Superior Court Judge in Snohomish County, WA. The article discusses Judge’s Hulbert’s loss and the Judge’s views on why he lost the election.

I never appeared before Judge Hulbert, and so I. Indeed, I wish him well in his future endeavors and do hope that the Democrats played less of a role in his defeat that the judge appears convinced of. Also, I have heard at least one attorney say he is a nice man.

Nonetheless, what got me thinking in this article is the one time I actually met Judge Hulbert—which was long before he was a judge. He was actually a little league coach in a tournament game held in Everett, WA, and I was a youngster on another team. From the stands, I watched then-Coach Hulbert get ejected from a baseball game for arguing witht the umpire.

The irony is that the one time I saw him in person he was removed from the game, and the one time I read an article about him, he was removed from office.

Again, best wishes to Judge Hulbert and his future. I hope my next encounter with him—-be it in person or through the news—-will be under better circumstances.

(Downtown Seattle, WA)


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