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Thursday, January 20, 2005

HEWITT ZEROES IN ON CBS EXEC. Hugh Hewitt's column for today in Weekly Standard (aka Daily Standard) is an "Open Memo to Les Moonves" of the fake-memo reporting CBS. I don't think it likely the folks at CBS will take any of Hewitt's advice, but then again, there is nothing so far that leads me to believe that those Old Media/Legacy Media folks get it over there.

Last we heard, the CBS folks were still celebrating the fact that the Whitewash Report declined to acknowledge the political bias of the CBS "fall gals" and refused to even acknowledge that the fake documents were fake. (Powerline previously chalked it up to the Whitewash Report commissioner's demanding of a nearly unattainable "metaphysical" burden of proof. Curiously, however, the commissioners found it within their purview to discuss the political bias of certain key contributors of the blogosphere.) All of this has been blogged about throughout the blogosphere, but it bears repeating anyway.

Lileks suggests that CBS animate its news, giving it to Simpsons' Kent Brockman. Personally, I think that Comic Book Guy or Sideshow Mel could also fit the bill.

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