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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

GONZALES LIKELY TO GET THE GREEN LIGHT. Today's Washington Times' political blog (registration required) contains a post by correspondent James Lakely, who predicts that Judge Alberto Gonzales WILL be confirmed as the next U.S. Attorney General.

As expected, Senators Patrick Leahy and Ted Kennedy bomarded Judge Gonzales with a string of misleading and unfair attacks upon his performance as White House Counsel. See Rich Lowry's NRO article "Bring it On" for a much-needed corrective concerning some of the more ridiculous charges levelled against Judge Gonzales.) However, Lakely is of the view that Judge Gonzales will make it through the Senate:

The Democrats will bloody Mr. Gonzales to extract the damage they could not inflict on Mr. Bush before Election Day. Condoleezza Rice will get the same rough treatment when she faces the Senate Foreign Relations Committee later this month. But both will be confirmed, and the White House will continue to take the high ground by not retaliating or even rising to publicly defend their nominees.

Lakely goes on to say that President Bush is saving his political muscle for other battles--including the nominations ot the Supreme Court. This is consistent with the views related to me last week by a staffer at a high-powered DC-area think-tank.

But just because Judge Gonzales is likely to survive the confirmation process, there is absolutely NO REASON to let either left-wing interest groups or Old Media/Legacy Media/MSM folks get away with slandering Judge Gonzales' record and his character. The blogosphere needs to hold these folks accountable for their misleading portrayal of Judge Gonzales. Again: read Lowry's NRO piece. I read over some documention on these matters over my Christmas break and Lowry's assessment is right on the money.

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