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Sunday, January 30, 2005

ENCOURAGING NEWS FOR IRAQIS, DISCOURAGING NEWS FOR CHAPPY. P. Scott Cummins has a post well worth reading at The Urbane R. The Iraqi elections are going forward and Iraqis are turning out to vote. We have the beginnings of constitutional democracy in a region that has known little but despotism. Everyone should be hopeful about the news.

Except for Teddy Kennedy. He would rather make outrageous, inflammatory remarks that give rhetorical and PR ammo to the opponents of democracy and stability in Iraq. President Bush, on the other hand, would rather endure Teddy's pathetic and disgraceful antics and take baseless critcism than keep Iraqis from have a real chance at freedom.

Teddy--or Chappy, if you prefer--is continuously pusing the bounds of poor leadership. Ted Kennedy is a shameless un-statesman.

(Everett, WA)


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