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Thursday, January 20, 2005

BERKELEFICATION. At the Claremont Institute's blog, The Remedy, Nicholas Antongiavanni perfectly captures the all-too-common protester protesting ad nauseum mentality in "Berkelefication: The Manifesto of the Modern Protestor." Be sure to read it and see if you spot how many times the word "oppress" or "oppressor" or "oppressed" appear. The list reminded me of those annoying protest fanatics from that crack-up movie PCU. Antongiavianni's list is very funny, but the sad fact is that it is very true to life.

Just a couple hours ago, I happened to walk by some of the sore losers staging a protest over in front of the Westlake Mall. Though I had JOB to get back to, I heard the speaker yell something about world revolution! A colleague saw a "Stop Capitalism Now!" sign. Lynden LaRouche literature littered the area. Just a little sampling of Left Coast lunacy.

(Downtown Seattle, WA)


  • At 9:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    While looking through some local blogs I saw your last and was pleased to see that someone besides me sees something more notable than the Gov race litigation, as important as it is. While I'm inclined to think that most of these Bush protesters are simply fools, I'm sure at least some of them realize that to the extent that they receive media attention they slowly but surely sap the morale of our troops in combat. Combat is never a lark, and when you don't think your nation is behind you, it's ten times as tough to do your job. Thanks for taking note of it. Steve


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