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Friday, January 21, 2005

BARNES ON BUSH. Today's Weekly Standard has some solid, brief insight from Fred Barnes in an article entitled "Bush's Breakthrough." Barnes describes how President Bush's foreign policy aims take us out of the box and beyond the realist vs. idealist dichotomy.

I particularly like the following two sentences from Barnes' article:

The best way to achieve the realists' goal of maximum security for America, [President Bush] believes, is for there to be more democracies in the world. In effect, Bush said the policy of idealists will lead to the goal of realists.

President Bush is operating upon the notion that the true realist IS an idealist. Nothing happens in this world in a moral vaccuum; simulatneously, nothing happens in this world beyond the reaches of moral depravity. There is a lot of bad, mean, and evil men out there who inflict a tremendous amount of pain, suffering and loss upon others. But human beings also long for freedom, liberty and peace. There are also high ideals that are intrinsically good and worth fighting for.

We have a President that recognizes this these forces of good and evil at work in the world. This earns him the disdain from certain self-righteous elites, but the American people, in their good sense, see this as well and have given them their vote of confidence for four more years. President Bush will continue with his idealistic foreign policy, without sliding into utopian fantasies. He simply recognizes that the world's lone superpower can and must take positive steps to ensure that the opportunity for liberty exists nations across the world as the best hope for preserving our own nation's security and freedom.

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